RiskWise is the online property risk management software of choice for leading real estate organisations. Designed by health & safety professionals and technical experts at the S2 Partnership.



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• Dynamic Forms

• Image Annotation

• Video Uploads

• Smart Synchronisation

• Time Stamping

• Enhanced Security


RiskWise system for residential property portfolios

Introducing our new, out of the box RiskWise system. RiskWise helps simplify the collation and tracking of fire safety information, statutory compliance and incident rates across residential property portfolios.

RiskWise Accident, Incident & Claims
Management Module Enhanced

New functionality allows greater freedom to customise incident forms, including use for global incident reporting.

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Powerful reporting capabilities

Real-time risk management data provides useful snapshots on how individual properties, or your whole portfolio, are performing. Ability to track trends and produce reports for you to share with your stakeholders.

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Cost & time saving efficiencies

Our clients tell us that since using RiskWise they have seen improved business performance through cost and efficiency savings, such as faster management reporting, lower administrative costs, less inspection time on site, reduced risk liability and claims.

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S2 Launches Dedicated RiskWise Support Telephone Number

Contact a member of the Support team directly, on our new designated telephone number: +44 (0)1954 770984

Full control of risk management, all in one place, available 24-7

Ultimately helping to reduce your business risk and deliver peace of mind. With real-time risk management data accessible any time, full audit trails and the ability to assign actions to employees and contractors, RiskWise helps ensure business compliance.

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Tailored offering to clients

Each RiskWise system is tailored to your specific business requirements, rather than being an off-the-shelf solution like many other systems on the market. Select the modules and support packages that are right for your business.

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Key Features

RiskWise is comprised of several modules, which can be seamlessly integrated to put you in control
of managing any potential health, safety, fire and environmental risks.

Accessible 24-7, anywhere, from any device

RiskWise provides each user with real time, tailored information, accessible from anywhere in the world on any web-enabled device.

Full audit trails

The RiskWise system provides full audit trails for all actions, ensuring due diligence and legislative compliance at all times.  The system allows clients to assign actions to employees and contractors.

Powerful reporting capabilities

RiskWise greatly enhances visibility of risk information, and is a powerful reporting tool for stakeholders at all levels of an organisation – to track trends and progress at high level for senior stakeholders, or at more detailed site level. Users can automatically generate management reports, and use tools such as Year Planner, Event Matrix and KPI to quickly get to the detail of issues in specific properties, regions or building types.

Interactive dashboard

The dashboard provides an instant central overview on how your properties are performing in real time.  Users have complete flexibility on how they wish to display key performance indicators. Clients can effortlessly create and customise reports and graphs to track trends over time and set up automatic reports that reflect their business priorities and meet their reporting requirements.

Tailored and easy to use

RiskWise is designed with simplicity in mind, providing access to any key information with minimal clicks. With bespoke dashboards using client specific terminology, each user can easily navigate quickly and intuitively. In addition, RiskWise has a sophisticated user permissions structure, giving you control of the areas of the system that users and suppliers can access.

Secure hosting

RiskWise is securely hosted in line with information security management standard ISO 27001, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected.


New system features are continually developed in line with clients’ requirements, to ensure our clients stay ahead in their risk management.

Training and support

Our first-class training and support team always work diligently for our clients.  Users also benefit from free access to our comprehensive RiskWise Online Knowledgebase and FAQs and access to our helpdesk.

Third-party system integrations & easy data migration

We recognise that clients may want to reduce the number of systems that they need to access, so RiskWise already provides links to other systems, such as those used for engineering inspections or managing contractors. We have a dedicated technical team to import your existing data seamlessly into RiskWise. You can be up and running and fully monitoring your risk management performance within a matter of days.