About RiskWise

RiskWise is the online property risk management system of choice for leading global real estate organisations.  Manages and reduces risk and its associated business costs – such as accidents, insurance premiums and litigation, in over 10,500 properties worldwide.

RiskWise enhancements are user-driven, and designed by health and safety experts. System development is undertaken in-house, all underpinned by our first-class software support team.

RiskWise Modules

The building blocks to make the best property risk management system for your business requirements

We work closely with our clients to identify the modules that best fit their business requirements, building a system that is tailored to their business needs.
All RiskWise modules offer the powerful reporting tools and dashboards that our clients value.

Risk & Compliance Management
  • Logs & monitors all compliance events in one place
  • Assigns actions to responsible parties to ensure compliance
  • Prioritises actions & escalates outstanding or high-risk tasks
  • Includes digital asbestos registers, water hygiene tracking, tenant, asset & unit monitoring
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Accident, Incident & Claims Management
  • Records any type of incident and subsequent actions
  • Delivers full audit trail to address litigation and claims
  • Trend analysis to identify root cause of incidents
  • Automatically notifies relevant stakeholders of incidents
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Environmental Management
  • Manages environmental inspections and actions for compliance
  • Benchmarks performance and sets targets to improve environmental performance
  • Tracks energy consumption, waste management & emissions
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Contractor & Performance Management
  • Real-time directory of your approved contractors & suppliers
  • Vets, authorises and reviews contractors, based on your own criteria
  • Assigns tasks to approved contractors
  • Provides complete permit to work solution
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Business Continuity Management
  • Quickly & easily track properties within locality of an incident
  • Store emergency procedure documentation & contact details
  • Ability to log and resolve actions and set up event checklists
  • Works in unity with existing RiskWise modules
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RiskWise App
  • Makes inspection process quicker & more efficient
  • Inspections can be completed onsite without wifi or mobile signal
  • Customised question sets capture all required data accurately
  • Gives visibility of all actions to check their progress on-site in real time
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Key Benefits

Total Control of Risk Management

RiskWise helps over 10,000 clients responsible for property, health, safety, insurance and environmental management to reduce their risk liability and ensure compliance – making proactive risk management easy.

Reduced Risks and Costs

RiskWise helps manage and reduce risk and its associated business costs, such as accidents, insurance premiums and litigation, whilst simultaneously improving business performance, lowering resource costs and reducing time-consuming administration.

Peace of Mind

RiskWise ensures legislative compliance by providing full audit trails for all actions and demonstrating due diligence. With 24/7 online access to accurate, real-time risk management data, you can relax knowing that every significant risk in every one of your properties is being properly managed.

Extensive Experience

Riskwise is designed by the software experts and the Health and Safety experts at S2 Partnership. Our system is backed by our team of in-house risk management consultants, who use the system daily to help our clients manage and reduce risk. By using the system ourselves, we’re at the front line to ensure it delivers exactly what you need.

Leading Property Risk Management Solution

RiskWise hasn’t become the number one risk management solution on the market by chance; it’s because we listen carefully to what our clients tell us and then design the system with their users in mind.

Totally Customisable

We want your RiskWise system to work for you, so instead of giving you an off-the-shelf solution, every RiskWise system we build is tailored to your individual requirements.

No Tie-in

Although developed and supported by the S2 Partnership, RiskWise does not tie you to any particular risk assessor or other supplier.

Risk & Compliance Management

Easily and accurately log all safety and other compliance inspections and hazards identified, then manage the risk through to resolution.

  • Logs & monitors all compliance events relevant for each property in one place
  • Assigns actions to responsible parties to ensure compliance & audit trail
  • Prioritises actions & automatically escalates those that are outstanding or high-risk
  • Enables users to update actions with notes and photos to show real time progress against actions
  • Pins actions to property floor plans for easy tracking and trend analysis of incidents and risks
  • Provides tools such as digital asbestos registers, water hygiene tracking, tenant, asset & unit monitoring to help manage risk in detail
  • Documents library to share site-specific information or portfolio-wide procedures
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Accident, Incident & Claims Management

Customisable incident forms, including use for global incident reporting, providing a complete audit trail and trend analysis. Interactive floorplans allow users to plot and review common incident areas.

  • Records any type of incident and subsequent actions in one place using forms customised to your business needs (people, environmental, security, property damage, diseases)
  • Delivers full audit trail to address litigation and claims
  • Trend analysis functionality to identify root cause of incidents and give visibility of hotspots where incidents repeatedly occur
  • Assigns actions to help reduce accidents and incidents
  • Automatically notifies relevant stakeholders and, if necessary, statutory authorities when incident occurs, reducing double-handling of information.
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Environmental Management

Covers key environmental concerns such as energy consumption, waste management and emissions, also enabling management of all relevant inspections and subsequent actions to improve performance.

  • Environmental inspections and subsequent actions logged in one place and visible to relevant stakeholders to ensure environmental compliance
  • Ability to benchmark performance of properties and set improvement rates for better environmental performance
  • Identifies trends and opportunities to reduce energy consumption, costs and waste
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Contractor & Performance Management

Manage and review suppliers, allocate jobs and issue permits to work to ensure a joined-up contractor process. Ensure that all related actions and administration are completed, thus providing a comprehensive solution to managing contractor and supplier performance.

  • Holds info on all of your approved contractors & suppliers in a real-time directory
  • Vets & authorises contractors using your chosen PQQ criteria
  • Assigns tasks from other RiskWise modules to approved contractors, tracking through to completion
  • Puts contractors who aren’t meeting your supplier requirements or KPIs under review
  • Provides complete permit to work solution
  • Ensures project teams are all informed on key contractor works
  • Complete audit trail of actions and escalations to ensure compliance
  • Provides a secure, accurate, fair and effortless way to manage the performance of contractors and suppliers
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Business Continuity Management

Track and monitor all your business continuity process milestones, inspections and actions to ensure full visibility of risk for any properties.  Quickly locate and activate procedures in the event of a property being in the vicinity of an incident.

  • Enables users to quickly and easily identify their properties within the locality of an incident, using Map Search
  • Lists properties clearly by name and distance from the incident – highlighting those within an ‘at risk’ primary radius and secondary radius
  • Stores emergency procedure documentation and contact details for relevant emergency contacts, giving quick access to information needed in the event of an incident.
  • Tracks any business continuity management-related inspections and subsequent actions separately from other modules and data in RiskWise, with an independently configurable severity matrix
  • Using functionality available within existing RiskWise modules, provides the ability to generate a property score metric based on inherent risk data such as flood risk level, crime rate, type of construction, occupancy levels and tenant activities
  • Works in unity with existing RiskWise modules
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RiskWise App

Transform the inspection process by completing inspections and audits easily and efficiently whilst on site, without an internet connection.  Automatically capture, track and escalate actions and maintain a full audit trail.

  • Delivers a quicker and more cost-efficient inspection process
  • Inspections can be undertaken whilst onsite without wifi or mobile signal and then synced automatically when online
  • Customised question sets ensure all required data is captured accurately – design question sets specific to individual properties, or property types
  • Date and time-stamped capture of information delivers a real-time audit trail and demonstrates due diligence
  • Facilitates employees to carry out inspections with minimal training
  • Ability to see outstanding & completed tasks and check their progress onsite in real time for fast resolution
  • Provides complete visibility through RiskWise reporting
  • Helps to manage and reduce risk across properties and portfolios
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