What’s new in RiskWise?

Working to an agile methodology, we regularly make system enhancements
so our clients can stay ahead in a fast-changing risk environment.
Our Software Development team ensures that RiskWise remains at the
forefront of technological advances and also meets our clients’ aspirations and needs.

Below are some of our most recent enhancements:

RiskWise 3.1.6 – Updates to the Accident, Incident & Claims Module

NEW functionality now available in RiskWise provides users with greater visibility and flexibility within the Accident, Incident & Claims module.

Mar 18

RiskWise 3.1.6 – Plot Work Permits on Floorplans

RiskWise now allows users to mark the location of a work permit on a floorplan to indicate the area the permit is applicable to.

Mar 18

RiskWise 3.1.4 – Track Individual Property Tenants Within RiskWise

We’ve improved the tenant management functionality within RiskWise which allows users to track the inspections and actions on a tenant-by-tenant basis, providing complete visibility of risk management.

Nov 17

RiskWise 3.0.9 – NEW: RiskWise Dashboard

The NEW RiskWise Dashboard provides users with a range of options to display data in a wide variety of formats, from single headline statistics to graphs, charts and tables to provide an at-a-glance snapshot of your data.

Apr 17

RiskWise 3.0.8 – Track Individual Property Units Within RiskWise

New for 2017, RiskWise now allows individual units to be tracked against ‘parent’ properties enabling the tracking of sub-buildings, assets, tenant areas or each particular property demise.

Mar 17

If you’d like to find out more about our recent developments, please contact us:

Since 2005 RiskWise has been constantly evolving to meet our clients’ demands.